LifeShine™ is a complete vehicle protection system that works to ensure you have that new car feeling and showroom shine for as long as you own your vehicle.

LifeShine’s CeraFuse™ Technology is our most advanced formula, using Polysilazane technology with reactive silicone polymers that bond to the paintwork to create an ultra-durable ceramic barrier for a lifetime of flawless shine and superior protection, protecting against harsh contaminants and environmental elements.

Our three-part vehicle protection system provides a lifetime of superior protection and flawless shine inside and out.

Interior Protection

Keep your interior in immaculate condition

Coat every strand of your car’s upholstery multiple times with LifeShine which creates a barrier across your fabric or leather seating and carpets.

The product prevents spills, stains and moisture from being absorbed, making little accidents a simple wipe away while leaving your interior pristine every time.

How it works


Accidents can damage the upholstery, leaving stains, dirt and watermarks. These blemishes can be difficult to clean and can be an eyesore in your vehicle’s interior.


LifeShine’s professional application will coat each strand multiple times to ensure moisture is kept on the surface.


LifeShine creates a stain and water-resistant barrier on fabric and leather upholstery while protecting against accidents like spills, sticky fingers and muddy paws.

Exterior protection

Lock in a lifetime of superior shine and protection. LifeShine with CeraFuse™ Technology is professionally applied to your vehicle before you take ownership.

Even under the most severe environmental conditions, your paintwork will be working hard against harsh contaminants, while simultaneously locking in your vehicle’s colour and deep, glossy shine.



Untreated vehicle paintwork remains exposed to the elements and harsh contaminants gathered when driving or stationary.

CeraFuse™ Technology

Fuses to the vehicle paintwork to create a protective barrier that locks in the vehicle’s deep colour and glossy finish for a lifetime of flawless shine.


LifeShine’s CeraFuse™ Technology is a ceramic barrier that fuses to the paintwork surface, while acting as a protective shield against the elements and severe contaminants, ensuring a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain showroom finish.

Glass Guard

Applied to the side and rear windows of your vehicle, Glass Guard creates a highly durable, water-resistant barrier that reduces water sheeting by beading instead, removing traffic film with ease, improving wet weather visibility for safer driving conditions.



Reduced visibility due to water beading and traffic film.



The water and traffic film repellent treatment improves wet weather visibility by reducing water sheeting, ensuing the water beads, seamlessly running off the vehicle when stationary and in motion.