Peace of mind

You’ll receive a lifetime guarantee once your vehicle has been professionally treated with LifeShine CeraFuse™ Technology, provided your vehicle is maintained following the maintenance guidelines provided with your Aftercare Collection.

We’re confident that you’ll keep that showroom finish when you choose LifeShine, that’s why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee, that protects you for the complete ownership of the vehicle.

To find out more, please visit our FAQs, or get in touch with our Customer Care team, supported by our team of Technical Service Specialists, all over the country.

What is LifeShine? - A complete vehicle protection system

Spills and moisture are kept locked out of your seating and carpets, making accidents easy to wipe away when they occur.

LifeShine’s CeraFuse™ Technology locks in a lifetime of superior shine and protection, which is professionally applied to your vehicle before you take ownership.

Even under the most severe environmental conditions, the ultra-durable, ceramic barrier will ensure your paintwork works hard against harsh contaminants, while simultaneously locking in your vehicle’s colour and deep, glossy shine for the entirety of your vehicle ownership.

Applied to the side and rear windows of your vehicle, Glass Guard creates a highly durable, water-resistant barrier that reduces water sheeting by beading instead, removing traffic film with ease, improving wet weather visibility for safer driving conditions.

If you have any more questions about our guarantee, get in touch with our Customer Care Team, which are supported by a national team of Technical Service Specialists.


Congratulations on purchasing LifeShine™.

We are delighted that you have chosen to protect your new vehicle with LifeShine™ with CeraFuse™, making nature’s harsh contaminants and those troublesome spillages a thing of the past. LifeShine has been professionally applied prior to your collection, which means maintaining your exterior, interior and glass will be a straightforward and enjoyable process.

Our guarantee covers your new car for as long as you have the vehicle. With the correct maintenance you will be best placed to keep your car bright, but if you do need a little help, our Customer Care Team and our field of Technical Service Specialists will be on hand to assist you.

Register your guarantee to get the best from LifeShine for as long as you own your vehicle.

You’ll need the 16-digit guarantee number provided on the form that’s with your LifeShine aftercare collection, brief details about your car and the dealership’s name and location.

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Our customers

The service I have received from you all has been exemplary, and I fully appreciate that Autoglym has gone way beyond what many companies would have done to get the problem resolved.


Thankyou to you and all at Autoglym. I realise the LifeShine guarantee is a difficult one to honour given all the variables but, with Karl’s instruction and reassurance that I had been doing the right things to spur me on, I am really grateful to you all for taking the time to solve this problem.


Find your guarantee terms and conditions

Please select guarantee date:


    This LifeShine™ CeraFuse™ guarantee is valid within the United Kingdom & Ireland once registered with Autoglym, on or after 1st March 2023.

    This guarantee is based strictly on the understanding that all paintwork and interior surfaces comply with the car manufacturer’s specifications and standards at the time of Autoglym LifeShine CeraFuse system application.

    Vehicles covered under this guarantee are those classified as M1 passenger motor vehicles, namely those designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers and comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat. It excludes any vehicle used for commercial purposes.

    Application of Autoglym LifeShine CeraFuse™ must be by an Autoglym-approved LifeShine application specialist.

    To ensure your guarantee is valid, it must be registered within 30 days after taking delivery of your vehicle.

    This guarantee covers the entire duration of your ownership of the vehicle. This guarantee is only transferable where your vehicle is sold privately within the first 12 months of ownership of your vehicle (from delivery) and an administration fee of £20 is paid to Autoglym. In order for cover to be transferred, you (as the current registered vehicle keeper and LifeShine CeraFuse™ Guarantee holder) must:

    • arrange payment by telephoning Autoglym’s customer services on 01462 677 766; and
    • provide any such information to Autoglym as Autoglym may reasonably request.

    After the first 12 months of ownership, this guarantee is non-transferable.

    Our Lifetime Guarantee

    In the unlikely event that there is a noticeable deterioration in the finish of your vehicle during your ownership, Autoglym undertake to clean and reapply the LifeShine CeraFuse™ treatment to your vehicle free of charge.

    Reapplication will take place in the event of general or panel by panel colour fading or noticeable deterioration in the gloss finish of the exterior paintwork, caused by UV rays, fallout, road salt, tree sap2 or bird droppings3 .

    In the unlikely event that degradation or staining occurs as a result of spillage of drinks or any similar liquid during your ownership, Autoglym undertake to clean and re-apply1 the LifeShine Interior Protectant treatment to the soiled area free of charge. Reapplication will take place in the event of:

    • Any permanent stains to treated fabric or leather seating as a result of spills from water, coffee, soft drinks, milk or any similar non-corrosive liquids, where the spillage has been removed immediately and the area cleaned with the Autoglym Interior Shampoo or for leather seating, Autoglym Leather Cleaner (not included in Aftercare Collection)
    • Stains caused by colour or dye transfer4 (as a result of colour transfer from clothing or spillages) are only covered on leather and synthetic leather seating (including faux and alcantara). Stains occurring on fabric upholstery – see exclusions below.
    • This guarantee applies only to original manufacturer’s factory fitted upholstery and carpets and to the areas to which the LifeShine interior treatment is applied, namely seating, carpets and boot area.
    • Inadequate or poor preparation of the vehicle’s surfaces prior to the application of the LifeShine CeraFuse™ products;  
    • Defective or incomplete application of the LifeShine CeraFuse™ products. 
    • Neglect or lack of reasonable care or the use of cleaning procedures contrary to standards recommended at 
    • Specific damage caused by use of products other than Autoglym products.  
    • Malicious or accidental damage including fire, floodwater, stone chips and other such material, and extreme weather conditions and their secondary effects. 
    • Damage caused by insect remains.  
    • Scratching, swirl marks and hazing caused by (but not limited to) handheld wash brushes, automated car washes or contaminated chamois and sponges. 
    • Any areas of a vehicle which have not subsequently been retreated or treated with Lifeshine on account of or after having been repaired or replaced as a result of accidental damage,  
    • Damage to surfaces by burning, inks, paints, dyes or other corrosive substances.  
    • Damage or stains on fabric upholstery as a result of colour or dye transfer from third party accessories or equipment such as baby seats, shopping or handbags etc. 
    • Ripped, torn, scratched or scraped fabric and leather. 
    • General wear and tear. 
    • Soft top convertible hoods. 
    • Matte or satin paint. 

    Autoglym will not accept liability for defects or deterioration of paintwork and upholstery caused by substandard specification, materials or workmanship by vehicle manufacturers and their operators (whether Autoglym-approved or not).  

    In the event of repair following road accident damage subsequent to initial LifeShine CeraFuse™ application, and in order to maintain the validity of the guarantee, the Autoglym LifeShine CeraFuse™ protection must be applied to the affected areas by your repair centre who will order a LifeShine CeraFuse™ Repair Kit direct from Autoglym; your repair centre may charge you for this service. The repair centre will require your 16-digit guarantee number so that we can record details of the repair on your original LifeShine CeraFuse™ guarantee registration.

    The Autoglym Technical Service Specialists team is available to assist with all matters concerning general car care maintenance or specific technical problems. When calling or emailing please quote ‘LifeShine’ and the 16 digit guarantee number at the top of the certificate/registration document.  

    Tel: 01462 677766,  


    We hope you’ll never have to make a claim, but in the unfortunate circumstances that you do, please email the details of your claim, along with relevant photographs, your 16-digit guarantee number and your contact details to or send by post to Autoglym, Works Road, Letchworth Garden City, Herts SG6 1LU.  Alternatively, you can contact us here: If you have any complaints about the guarantee or service provided by Autoglym, please contact us using the details in this section. 

    Your complimentary LifeShine aftercare collection features essential Autoglym products for ongoing maintenance. All are designed to be easy to use and to produce excellent results. Please refer to the individual product labels and to the Autoglym website for usage instructions (

    The following instructions will ensure your LifeShine protection performs at its optimum level. Full instructions on maintaining your guarantee are listed in the Terms and Conditions.


    Maintaining your paintwork protection:

    We recommend always using Autoglym products.

    Wash regularly with supplied Autoglym Foaming Car Wash to remove dirt and contaminants from the LifeShine protected bodywork.

    Use supplied Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray with a microfibre cloth for added protection to your paintwork and a deep gloss finish.

    Do not use hand wash brushes or brush hose attachments.

    Replace worn out sponges and chamois, and keep cloths and towels clean, as grime and grit could scratch paintwork.

    Never attempt to dry scratch hard deposits from paintwork, as this will inevitably result in damage which may be di‑cult to rectify.

    Remove bird droppings, insect remains and tree sap immediately using the supplied Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes otherwise discolouration and surface damage may occur. If the deposit has dried hard, moisten with the wipe to prevent scratching during removal.


    Maintaining your interior protection:

    Fabric Upholstery & Carpets:

    We recommend always using Autoglym products.

    Occasional vacuuming is required to remove dust and dirt from the LifeShine protected upholstery.

    Spillages should be blotted immediately with absorbent cloth or paper.

    Spills may require the use of Autoglym Interior Shampoo to remove any remaining residue.

    Do not use steam cleaners or abrasive brushes.

    Leather interiors will benefit from annual treatments of Autoglym Leather Cleaner and Autoglym Leather Care Balm (not included).

    Interior Surfaces:

    We recommend always using Autoglym products.

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

    Spillages should be blotted immediately with absorbent cloth or paper. Avoid rubbing as it may damage the texture and/or colour. If necessary, blot with a cloth dampened with clean water and use Autoglym Interior Shampoo.


    Maintaining your glass protection:

    We recommend always using Autoglym products.

    Occasional cleaning of glass for safety reasons is recommended. Use Autoglym Fast Glass both inside and out to produce a rapid, crystal clear, smear free finish on glass and plastic windows.

    Always clean windscreen and wiper blades after shampooing. For additional products or replacements visit


    1 Autoglym reserve the right to inspect your vehicle, prior to reapplication and to determine whether the conditions of the Guarantee have been met.  Where possible, this will be at a mutually convenient time and place, to be agreed between the parties.

    2 Tree sap must be washed off within 48 hours, using an Autoglym shampoo or comparable product, otherwise etching or discolouration may occur. Failure to do so will invalidate this guarantee.

    3 Bird droppings must be washed off within 48 hours using an Autoglym shampoo or comparable product, otherwise etching or discolouration may occur. Failure to do so will invalidate this guarantee. Please note that no paint finish, however protected, can withstand the prolonged effects of such a corrosive matter. Bird droppings claims are limited to two claims within the first two years of the LifeShine CeraFuse™ guarantee registration and are not covered beyond the initial two year period following the LifeShine CeraFuse™ guarantee registration.

    4 Dye transfer must be cleaned within 24 hours using Autoglym Leather Cleaner or comparable product, otherwise permanent discolouration may occur. Failure to appropriately clean the affected area will invalidate this guarantee. Dye transfer claims are limited to two claims within the first two years of the LifeShine CeraFuse™ guarantee registration and are not covered beyond the initial two year period following the LifeShine CeraFuse™ guarantee registration.